Wendell Hansley – Director of The Hope Center

Wendell Hansley is the director of The Hope Center. He began working in the area of recovery as an Outreach worker for Coastal Horizons Center in 1993. His duties were to work with substance abusers by getting them engaged into treatment for their disease. Wendell would go out in the community and educate them about their illness and offer treatment options. He has had intensive training in the field of substance abuse and homelessness. He has trained and studied locally and in different states. He is a certified HIV and AIDS Counselor. He has also been the Director of Good Shepherd Ministries, a local Homeless Program in the Wilmington area. Wendell’s duties with the Good Shepherd was to manage and counsel individuals on how to get off of their substances and try to get their life back on track. He was also instrumental in starting two residential housing programs for Veterans and Substance Abusers. He has worked for the Salvation Army and was a Disaster Relief leader and also obtained his Food Management license while there. Wendell is currently the owner of Hansley Lawn Care and one of the lead singers for a local band. Mr. Hansley was born and raised here in Wilmington. He enjoys visiting his friends and family, and cheering for UNC basketball.